We are blessed in and around Crieff with some wonderful walks. Whether you want to tackle a Munro, a riverside walk or just a stroll in the park.

There are some great guidebooks and leaflets with the  “Crieff Path Network” available as a download from Perth & Kinross Council.  My other personal favourite is the Experience Big Tree Country set of 4 books, by local writer Felicity Martin.  These books cover a wider area than just Crieff and are written with a knowledge and love of this area!

As for the second part of my blog! Now that I have completed my half-century and racing towards my bus pass I find that nothing enhances a walk more than sitting down on a good bench! (Well apart from coffee & cake, but that’s for another blog!)

One of my favourite walks in Crieff is Lady Mary’s Walk & Laggan Hill. Now this walk has a little bit of everything.  It’s circular, follows the river, climbs a hill (not massive) for great views and can be completed in under 2 hours.  There are also plenty of benches to rest awhile and enjoy the views.

Now the best bit about these benches is that most of them have been inscribed with poetry about Lady Mary, Crieff and Strathearn.  I have included some of the verses below, but the best way to enjoy it is to go for a walk and read them yourself, possibly have a wee seat as well.

Tarry awhile, let our steps become slow,

here’s Crieff to the east and Strathearn below,

with Earn following downstream, forever in flow,

pray tell Lady Mary, where did you go?

to dream of spring ‘neath Laggan snow…


From Ling a Wing to Laggan Hill,

Gifts for Strathearns daughter,

Bound by Earn’s bright water

My next favourite walk is in the neighbouring village of Comrie and is the Glen Lednock walk.  Again this has all my essentials of being circular, water, views, a hill and sufficient benches to rejuvenate yourself!  This walk is featured in volume 2 of Felicity’s series. Some of the main points of interest are the 2 waterfalls (The Wee Cauldron & The Deil’s Cauldron) the Melville Monument, the Shaky Bridge and Laggan wood which is an area of native oak woodland.  I have done this walk many times and always clockwise! One day I will really challenge myself and go anti-clockwise!!

This is my favourite bench on this walk and I’ve always been lucky to have found it unoccupied.

Murphy & Bailey both know of my penchant for a good bench and will often get there before me!

Remember to pace yourself on these walks, don’t overdo it, otherwise it might be too late when you reach the bench!